Thursday, March 11, 2010

I did "Shiver"!

Where are all the frustrated Team Jake die-hard fans? If you are reading this, I've got a book for you! Shiver is a werewolf love story- not one vampire in it! It's a story about Grace, a girl taken from her swing as a child by werewolves and bitten, but not killed or changed. Sam is the werewolf who prevented that and watched over her in his wolf form every winter. But now it's his last summer; the cold weather threatens to change him daily and he will lose his humanity forever. Things come to a climax in their town when a high school student is killed by the werewolves and a hunting party sets out to rid the town of what they see as just a pack of wild wolves. Grace charges after them to prevent the killing of the wolves that fascinate her, and hears the shot that hits her favorite, Sam. When she returns home, she finds him in human form on her back porch, bleeding and near death. He is saved, partially by her and partially by his own ability to heal himself. But it becomes a daily struggle to keep him human as the weather gets colder. This is, of course, when the romance begins to get hot and heavy. The secret to Grace's ability to resist the change is their only hope for the future.