Friday, October 25, 2013

It's just all too much!!!!

Just started Allegiant! Need to get Unsoulled! Champion is just around the corner! And the movie of Catching Fire! And you know, our book fair is the week after next. I've been promised these new releases as well as Hard Luck, House of Hades, and a ton of other things on my to be read list! Hooboy there's a lot of reading to be done!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Banned Wagon

I read the report in TLJ this weekend and was LOLing!!! My highlights below:

#1 Conal ISD, Garden Ridge ES

Draw Me a Star by Eric Carle for sexual content or deleted

First of all- Eric Carle????????? Sexual?? (ok, I haven’t read it, but really?) Then the action: content changed or deleted. Hey, I didn’t know we could do that!!!!!

#2 The Ehrhart School

Ransom My Heart, Princess of Genovia BY Princess Mia Thermopolis

Uhhhhhh, did no one catch that the real author is Meg Cabot? Mia Thermopolis is a CHARACTER.

#3 Flour Bluff ISD, Flour Bluff intermediate

Remembering September 11th- a video

We can challenge videos now?

#4 Kemp ISD, Kemp High School

Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck

No reason cited, but in the note it says parent felt the plot was depressing. I see why they didn’t want to voice that as their reason; it’s pretty lame. Read more Steinbeck- it totally gets better.

#5 Lake Dallas ES

The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angelberger

Cited for having a page with “#?!!**” standing for a cuss word. I guess they didn’t have any books with actual cuss words in them to ban. Good for them (don’t come to my library though!).

#6 Wieland ES in Pfugerville ISD

Captain Underpants- 10 books retained all challenged for “no reason” but included in the note: spelling errors, grammar errors, objectionable story lines/scenes, undesirable/unsafe behavior. Why do you think the kids like it????

#7 Texas College Preparatory Academies/Premier High School

U.S. History teaching materials, Responsive Education Solutions

Challenged for references to religion. Apparently we need to try teaching US history without mentioning religion.

#8 UME Preparatory Academy

Challenged CSCOPE. HAHAHAHAHAHA! At this point, I was about to cry.

Will the insanity never cease? I hope your library offended someone today.