Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Portrait of a Book Junkie

First of all, let me explain that our boss gave us librarians a challenge for the summer. Read 12 books. I mean, she was pretty specific and all about what types, but still, I was like, whatever. How about 24? Maybe 30? Would I get a bonus? Ha! So, in preparation for that, I loaded up before I left school. This is where it all piles up. This is the life of a librarian. They are truly organized piles, and I can prove that.
So, here goes: 1. Currently reading my 9th Lone Star book. 2. A stack of non-fiction I don't get to very often. 3. Hidden box of books! You can see just a couple stacked on top of the box that was too full to put any more in- all hidden behind a Library of Congress bag (nerdy, huh?). 4. That little box is my IPod Shuffle- loaded with an audiobook- I swear!  5. Kindle!!! 6. My 7th Bluebonnet that I'm reading with my daughter. 7. Pile of audiobooks on top of a couple of other books. 8. Stack of preview copies and review books. 9. Books I finished this month! 10. Some Lone Stars and graphic novels to get to.
This is the life of a reader. Or the bookshelf. Did I forget to mention the books that are actually shelved on the bookshelf. Oh, that's just a collector thing. I do try to limit myself, honestly. You know some people are worse than me- some people actually read at stoplights and keep books in their trunks. Anyway, just thought you'd like a little insight into my reading habits. Or idiosyncracies. Whatever.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Delirium is a dystopic story about a world that has discovered the cure for love. Rather than letting people subject themselves to a lifetime of heartache and pain, everyone is surgically cured at 18. Sure, in the old days not everyone thought it was the best idea. But those who weren't actually killed were imprisoned or forced to attempt survival outside the boundaries of the civilized cities. Now everything is safe and everyone can be content. Lena hopes at least that she will be matched with a stable boy to marry after she is cured. Lena has more to overcome than most- her past is overshadowed by her mother's inability to be cured of the disease. In the end, nothing could save her mother from love, and Lena had to be raised by her aunt. But the family is tainted, as evidenced by her older sister's case of amor deliria nervosa. Lena is more than ready to get on with her future, until she meets Alex....