Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Portrait of a Book Junkie

First of all, let me explain that our boss gave us librarians a challenge for the summer. Read 12 books. I mean, she was pretty specific and all about what types, but still, I was like, whatever. How about 24? Maybe 30? Would I get a bonus? Ha! So, in preparation for that, I loaded up before I left school. This is where it all piles up. This is the life of a librarian. They are truly organized piles, and I can prove that.
So, here goes: 1. Currently reading my 9th Lone Star book. 2. A stack of non-fiction I don't get to very often. 3. Hidden box of books! You can see just a couple stacked on top of the box that was too full to put any more in- all hidden behind a Library of Congress bag (nerdy, huh?). 4. That little box is my IPod Shuffle- loaded with an audiobook- I swear!  5. Kindle!!! 6. My 7th Bluebonnet that I'm reading with my daughter. 7. Pile of audiobooks on top of a couple of other books. 8. Stack of preview copies and review books. 9. Books I finished this month! 10. Some Lone Stars and graphic novels to get to.
This is the life of a reader. Or the bookshelf. Did I forget to mention the books that are actually shelved on the bookshelf. Oh, that's just a collector thing. I do try to limit myself, honestly. You know some people are worse than me- some people actually read at stoplights and keep books in their trunks. Anyway, just thought you'd like a little insight into my reading habits. Or idiosyncracies. Whatever.

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23things1librarian said...

Is the book in the trunk a bad thing? You never know when you will be in need!