Sunday, September 19, 2010


Patrick Carman's new series is Trackers, in the vein of Skeleton Creek with the videos that you periodically watch between chapters. Only this one is a suspense/adventure/mystery. I liked it a lot better than Skeleton Creek actually because I thought it was more suspenseful. Or maybe it was just more believable to me being about computer hackers as opposed to ghosts. Oh wait, maybe I missed the part where you "break the codes" according to the cover. Hmmmmmmmmm. Need to check into that.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Reading, but not time to post!!

Well, I finished Mockingjay, of course! Excellent. I even like the ending, although of course I hear some people didn't. I like gutsy endings. And I enjoyed the reaslism of the love triangle throughout the trilogy. Because, you know what, it's not all love at first sight and star crossed lovers. I was thrilled to see People do a page on the trilogy. I love it when YA books cross borders!
Anyway, there's a book I finished up this summer that won't be published for a couple months yet, so I'll give it some advance promo. It's called Fixing Delilah Hannaford. The main character is obviously Delilah. She's just learned that her grandmother has passed away and now she'll have to spend her summer at her grandmother's house: cleaning up the remains, reconnecting with her old friend from childhood, and digging up the secrets of her her family's past. It's a tough summer, full of raw emotion, which makes it a cathartic read. Is it ok that I identified with her bossy, busy mother more than the rebellious and reckless Delilah? If you like a good realistic fiction book full of strong female characters and fraught with every concievable emotion, then check this one out when it's published.