Friday, April 15, 2011

Serving Library Patrons

Think like the customer session @ TLA
Try caring. We don't understand the customer, but we're not trying hard enough. Closing time behavior=bad.  The key to customer service is creative problem solving. Without creativity we solve problems by changing procedures, making a rule to punish everyone or spend time explaining why we don't do it instead of actually doing it. Houston Public Libraries' policies- respond to complaints within 3 days, handle important stuff right away, work on uniformity of response for complaints, flexible policies as a result of continuous improvement process. How do you get passionate, enthusiastic staff? Inspire, liberate and cherish the ones you have, and make passion and enthusiasm driving values of your organization. Job descriptions- engage well with others and provide exemplary customer service, team player who thinks quickly on your feet, excited about the prospect of growing and learning. What motivates people-Mattering, things that are interesting...

Hot off the Press

Session by Teri Lesesne:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Future of Libraries

Science fiction and the fate of the libraries session @ TLA
Look to scifi cause often scientists write it and it frequently comes to pass in one form or another. Ex- Clark's artificial satellites, computers, robots, ereaders, inet. Whole societies predicted by Huxley, Orwell, Pohl. Libraries have been around but changed radically and continually. See extinction timeline- we are extinct in 2020. Computing drives the future and is likely to grow expotentially from now on. Comparison- now at insect brain level, by 2040 will be at human brain level. Look at: bioengineering, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence advances for the future. Most changes likely to occur here.
AI singularity model- we'll lose control as tech advances. (Vinge) I.e. Terminator, Wake, or Deepness in Space present different scenarios.
Super future model- advanced capabilities with computers under our control.
Dystopia model- evil people gain control over the technology- power and wealth only held by few.
Muddling Through model- advancements made slowly and used for good but not efficiently.
This is the scenario most likely to occur- how will libraries fare in this society? Digitization and direct to brain downloads, using digital spaces like 2nd life- libraries assist with huge cost, kindles and iphones providing book access as inet gets cheaper and faster. Implanting of digital devices?? (I vote no!) Books likely to disappear. Illiteracy possible. Artificial intelligence may become a personal librarian, but we'll have to show others how to use them and evaluate the info. Proliferation of 2nd life-use of avatars, computer generated environment- expensive- likely to be in libraries for people to experience. Libraries will provide face to face meeting space for people. People are still social creatures. Will become difficult to live without ebooks and iphones- these are transitional devices to artificial intelligence. Libraries should be democracy centers and continue to help people become better citizens. Libraries provide needed access to technology for the poor in our polarizing society. 1 percent own 40 percent of wealth. Info is one of our greatest needs and if it's expensive or difficult to use, libraries will continue to prosper.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If you give a kid a book @ TLA

If you give a kid a book session:

Liar, liar by Paulsen- MS pathological liar
Wicked Girls by Hemphill- historical fic Mean Girls- witches
Moon over manifest- combine To Kill a Mockingbird, Holes and Sting
The End of the Line- kid thrown out of alternative schools
Deadly by Chibarro-historical fiction disease story
You Wish by Hubbard- all her bday wishes from past are coming true
Flip by Bedford- he woke up a completely different guy
Girl, Stolen by Henry- blind girl accidentally kidnapped
Dark Song by Giles- good girl gone wrong
Take me to the River by Hobbs- two boys take the rafting trip alone and encounter a hurricane and a drug lord
Trapped by Northrop- snowed in at their high school
The Magnolia League by Crouch- set in Savannah w a California protagonist. Debutante society involved with hoodoo to obtain eternal life.
Die for Me by Plum- set in Paris, Kate and Vincent fall in love, but he is a ghost-angel-zombie. HS
Cryer's Cross by McMann- sm town with secrets where teenagers are disappearing
Clarity by Harrington - she can see things and is hired to find out about a murder
Trance by Gerber- sisters couldn't prevent their mom's car wreck
Delirium by Oliver- get a shot to make you happy and avoid love
Divergent by Roth- one choice at 16- which faction to be in. A divergent belongs in more than one faction. Cpid
The Limit by Landon- MS kids are no longer off limits to be a worker who gets the family's debt manageable
Across the Universe by Revis - accidentally unfrozen on the way to a new planet
The Emerald atlas by Stephens- Poe-like orphanage where there are no other children
Small Persons with Wings by Booream- girl's fairy leaves her when she tells her class
Anna And the French Kiss- realistic romance
Juliet by Fortier- Romeo and Juliet connection