Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If you give a kid a book @ TLA

If you give a kid a book session:

Liar, liar by Paulsen- MS pathological liar
Wicked Girls by Hemphill- historical fic Mean Girls- witches
Moon over manifest- combine To Kill a Mockingbird, Holes and Sting
The End of the Line- kid thrown out of alternative schools
Deadly by Chibarro-historical fiction disease story
You Wish by Hubbard- all her bday wishes from past are coming true
Flip by Bedford- he woke up a completely different guy
Girl, Stolen by Henry- blind girl accidentally kidnapped
Dark Song by Giles- good girl gone wrong
Take me to the River by Hobbs- two boys take the rafting trip alone and encounter a hurricane and a drug lord
Trapped by Northrop- snowed in at their high school
The Magnolia League by Crouch- set in Savannah w a California protagonist. Debutante society involved with hoodoo to obtain eternal life.
Die for Me by Plum- set in Paris, Kate and Vincent fall in love, but he is a ghost-angel-zombie. HS
Cryer's Cross by McMann- sm town with secrets where teenagers are disappearing
Clarity by Harrington - she can see things and is hired to find out about a murder
Trance by Gerber- sisters couldn't prevent their mom's car wreck
Delirium by Oliver- get a shot to make you happy and avoid love
Divergent by Roth- one choice at 16- which faction to be in. A divergent belongs in more than one faction. Cpid
The Limit by Landon- MS kids are no longer off limits to be a worker who gets the family's debt manageable
Across the Universe by Revis - accidentally unfrozen on the way to a new planet
The Emerald atlas by Stephens- Poe-like orphanage where there are no other children
Small Persons with Wings by Booream- girl's fairy leaves her when she tells her class
Anna And the French Kiss- realistic romance
Juliet by Fortier- Romeo and Juliet connection

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