Friday, April 15, 2011

Serving Library Patrons

Think like the customer session @ TLA
Try caring. We don't understand the customer, but we're not trying hard enough. Closing time behavior=bad.  The key to customer service is creative problem solving. Without creativity we solve problems by changing procedures, making a rule to punish everyone or spend time explaining why we don't do it instead of actually doing it. Houston Public Libraries' policies- respond to complaints within 3 days, handle important stuff right away, work on uniformity of response for complaints, flexible policies as a result of continuous improvement process. How do you get passionate, enthusiastic staff? Inspire, liberate and cherish the ones you have, and make passion and enthusiasm driving values of your organization. Job descriptions- engage well with others and provide exemplary customer service, team player who thinks quickly on your feet, excited about the prospect of growing and learning. What motivates people-Mattering, things that are interesting...

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Lea Bailey said...

Sounds like some good positioning was discussed in this session.