Monday, July 14, 2008

Vacation reading

Last week we went on two vacations: Glen Rose (i know big whoop) and Las Vegas baby! So I got a lot of reading done. Finished Kenneth Oppell's Silverwing. I loved Airborn which was on the Lone Star list a couple of years ago. This book was written much earlier in his career and I can see why it didn't get anywhere as much publicity. It's an animal fantasy centered on bats. Now generally I do love a good animail fantasy. Fire Bringer totally wowed me. But that's neither here nor there. What I'm trying to say is this one did not. Not 100% why- it just didn't satisfy. In fact, I'm not going to spend much more time on it. One thing I'll mention though was it aimed at an elementary audience most likely. I think most middle school readers would react like me.
Moving on now. My second book finished was a larger endeavor- meaning more pages. But I got through it quickly. Was that because I had more time to read being on vacation or because it was actually a book that I had trouble putting down? Hmmmmmmmm hard to say. Aren't I helpful? At some point I might actually get around to telling you the title of aforesaid book- oh hey why don't I mention it know? It was Second Virgin Birth. Did I mention it was closer to home? Not yet. By that I do mean literally. The author Tommy Taylor is a local librarian AND on the HEB ISD school board. Now he's an author, albeit a non-consulted one. Does taht make sense? His wife published the novel without his knowledge- does it make more sense now? Okay, that little fact does play a big part. Hopefully it explains the many grammatical errors I found. I couldn't get past them. Seriously- I was an English teacher. It really does annoy me when educated people don't know how to properly use an apostrophe. I'm trying to be understanding and realize that if he'd actually gone through a publisher that would all have been taken care of. In fact, for a reasonable sum, I'd do it for him.:)
OK I think I need to focus on the actually need to talk about the story now. Quite intriguing premise- a scientist has obtained the DNA of Jesus and decided to bring Him back to life. and since the Pope doesn't like this idea, this scientist and his co-horts are wanted men. That's pretty much all I need to tell you about the story. Well, I will tell you that they manage to implant the DNA in a young girl's egg and create the pregnancy successfully. To me, it read a lot like the Left Behind series and a bit like the Da Vinci Code. If you can get over the errors and get your hands on a copy, it's a good read. Note- mine was a gift and the binding is falling apart after one reading. -you'll have to order one from Amazon.

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April said...

The 2nd book sounds quite interesting, I might have to check that out. Love the blog by the way!