Saturday, August 16, 2008

Breaking Dawn is here!

Like you didn't know that! But I couldn't think of a catchy title. I finally finished it. Took my time actually cause I wanted it to last. Other people are all, "I know I have to finish it in one day or someone will spoil the ending for me!" Pooh I say. Don't watch those shows or read the paper or talk to those people and you'll be fine. No one ruined it for me! It was great. I enjoyed every minute. How much should I reveal........ Well, it's hard to discuss without revealing certain crucial plot elements, so I guess I'd better warn you- I will be talking about things you might rather not know in advance if you're planning to read it. OK? All responsibility is now on your shoulders. You can't come back and get mad at me cause I ruined it for you cause I'm warning you right now!!! Stop reading if you don't want to know!!! This blog is intended only for those who finished it! (Or plan to never read it, which would be a darn shame if you ask me.)
I admit I wondered what this initally unplanned novel had up its sleeve. I pretty much thought that Eclipse had wrapped everything up well enough. Except for Jacob being unhappy. I went in wondering what Stephenie Meyer had concocted that could take a whopping 756 pages to tell. I kind of expected the whole turning Bella into a vampire to be the big climax. Well, it kinda wasn't huh? I mean she jumped right on in with the wedding plans. Is it just me that takes a year and a half to plan a wedding? jeez! Ok, I guess since Alice is a vampire and doesn't sleep she could do it in half the time, but still... Well, I guess I just wanted more detail. That's the girly girl in me. It seemed so abrupt. Maybe the editor made her cut some of that out so it wouldn't be 900 pages long.
Anyway, let's move on to the honeymoon, cause Stephie sure did! Much more interesting. Cool setting. I had trouble actually picturing the house. And Bella in lingerie, but that's not something I was really trying to do! Well, my first thoughts were that here in this fourth book Meyer was sure making up for all the chasteness of the first three. Am I right or what? Concerins as a middle school librarian, let me tell you! All I can really say is that it wasn't graphic thankfully, but it was definitely prolific (later on anyway). Here my discussion of sex in the novel ends. Except for the fact that Meyer had a funny twist to it. ok nuff said.
So the really fascniating part of the whole book was Bella getting pregnant. Wow I did not anticipate that at all! You're probably thinking duh but I'm not much of an anticipator (anticipationist?) at all. So I just loved this twist and was all abuzz with the possibilities. Needless to say my husband was unsympathetic and uninterested in hearing the details of such a hybrid child. Would it be the angel no one could resist or a demon child bent on destruction and death? These and other questions entertained me. I could see the Cullen family divided- Bella and Rose fleeing to protect a monster only a mother could love and who knows what Jacob and Edward would be doing to put a stop to it.
And then we get to the part where she's almost dead due to the birth and it's time for Edward to turn her so she won't die. DISAPPOINTING. I really wanted her transformation to be more traditional- not Edward injecting his venom into her with a needle and all sterile and everything. I wanted him to bite her, for Pete's sake! Anyone out there agree with me? I'd been waiting for this for three books! Imagining Edward creating a honeymoon like atmosphere and letting himself go for once. It should have been more romantic and even bordering on sadistic, as only vampire myths can. Well, this is all my humble opinion. Of course, Meyer's choices are good and honorable. It's the sign of a good writer that she goes against what we want- at times- and puts in a wonderfully brave twist. She knew people like me were out there and would be disappionted but she did it anyway. Gotta admire her. Few writers have fans as devoted as hers. She probably hired security to protect herself. But I digress.
Moving on to Renesmee. No way would I ever have even remotely let the thought enter my mind that Jacob would fall in love with Bella's daughter. Whoa. Now that was something. Holy cow. One of my colleagues meditated on if Meyer might perhaps be planning a fifth novel about their relationship. Wouldn't that be a story? Ok, she came out as the angel and not the monster, so we didn't have to stress over the family breaking apart or-God forbid- the need to destroy her. A period of happiness ensues for Bella, which is always fun to read about becaue you want your heroine happy, don't you? And I gotta say it did cross my mind how well she had it made- didn't have to work, had all those family members around to help out, didn't need sleep, had her own little getaway cottage, awesome cars, fabulous husband and her best friend Jacob with her, and Renesmee was a child prodigy. In too many ways because she was you know, half immortal and all. Yeah, Nessie seemed like a good kid to have. Wished my own life had been so easy after birth, shah right!
Did you keep wondering, like me, okay, what are the other 200 pages for? Aren't we going to end here where everyone is happy? Why why why ruin it now??? Oh but she did. Oh no, the Volturi again. Putting their noses (or fangs?) into other vampires' business as always. Alice's foresight puts everyone on edge because the only possible reason for the Volturi to be coming- having been invited to the wedding and thus concluding Bella has been turned into a vampire- is to kill Renesmee. A little Eclipse flashback for me here. You too? But I think I anticpated the end because who could deny Renesmee's obvious unlikeliness to harm others considering her special gift? Who would not be convinced when seeing through her eyes? Meyer tried to make us fear the Volturi would not be reasoned with- attack first and ask questions later. I knew though we'd have another happy ending. Hm. NOw what? Nothing else I could read would be as good. Movie's not out til December. I read Host. When is Midnight Sun coming out? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Anonymous said...

I'll have to admit... truly not a vampire/sci-fi reader at all. I have avoided all the books in the series for 3 years. Not being against them, I'm always directing kids that way but it's just not my thing. But everyone should know I'm a sucker for a good love story. Okay enough rambling what I'm trying to say is Rockett you might have FINALLY sold me!!! I might just have to read Twilight afterall, 3 years late ain't so bad right!!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I have to totaly agree with your commnet about Edward changing Bella. It wasn't what I pictured it would be like for them. I guess my romantic side was hoping for a more "honeymoon" like change like you suggested. I still believe that he only did it then because he absolutely had too or he would lose her permanently. I still found it beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. I finished "Midnight Sun", she posted all 250 plus pages that she had on her website and it made me appreciate Edward all the more seeing things from him perspective. I LOVE EDWARD.

Jennifer Tohlen

Anonymous said...

Okay, I agree with Rockett and Tohlen. Bella being made should have totally been romantic. It should not have been in some heroic effort to save her life. I really wanted Edward to go for the gold on this one and truley become one with Bella before she changed. Alas, it was not to be. Meyer is an exceptional author because going into "Breaking Dawn" I was not a fan of Jacob until he left his pack to protect Bella, unbeknowst to us at the time, he was really drawn to Nessie. So I guess I can forgive her for the way Bella was turned. I will read anything she writes. I can not wait until December!
-Danielle Green

Anonymous said...

Wildcat team can see that you love your vampires.

Ramona Rodriguez said...

I haven't read the Twilight Series, but I am now interested....especially if it has a love story behind...hate to admit that I read love stories. :)

kitty kennedy said...

I was so thrilled at the way the circle was closed on this saga. Couldn't you just see the Jacob imprinting coming? Classic!
After reading your blog about the other vampire series,I might even branch out.(I have so far been ONLY a TWILIGHT fan.)There are other worlds out there.

Barbara Lee said...

I don't normally read novels about vampires, but after reading your comments, I might have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

I'm a big Twilight Fan! I read all for books in one week this summer. I hope she decides to release midnight sun.

Kara Noah

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get my fangs in it!

Anonymous said...

After reading your comments I am going to check out some of the books in the Twilight series. This book seems extremely interesting.

Stefanie Kelley

Anonymous said...

Vampires are not my thing, but it sounds interesting!
Cathy Green

Anonymous said...

I'm not a vampire fan, but it sounds interesting!
Cathy Green

Anonymous said...

i haven't read it yet - don't spoil it for me