Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Impossible" to resist

Feeling a little hole in your reading life now that you've finished the Twilight saga? Well, maybe you should try Nancy Werlin's Impossible. This is the story of cursed Lucy and her female ancestors. Imagine knowing that once you turn 18, you'll be pregnant and go insane right after giving birth to your baby girl! What would you do? What if there were three impossible tasks that might break the curse and save you? Even if you didn't believe in the supernatural being controlling the curse, would you attempt three impossible things: to make a seamless shirt without using needles, to find an acre of land between the sea and the seashore, and to sow it with only one grain of corn? Lucy is lucky though- she's always had her wonderful foster parents, and now she has her good friend and neighbor Zach whe are willing to help her. Her mother didn't have this support and didn't ask for help with the tasks, but with all four of them working on it, surely there's a way to do it all- before Lucy goes into labor!

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