Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fantastic Fairy Stories

Radiant Shadows is a book I recently finished. I love the fairy world that Melissa Marr has created in this series. Let me lay out the books I've read of hers: Wicked Lovely- the love triangle of Aislinn and Seth; Ink Exchange-Aislinn's friend pursued by Irial; Fragile Eternity- continuing the story of Seth and Aislinn after she becomes Summer Queen; and Radiant Shadows- the love story of Ani and Devlin. Ani is only half fairy, but her fairy half is strong and taking over more of her body everyday. Devlin is an extremely powerful fairy created by two of the rulers- Sorcha and Bananach, his sister/mothers. He's a killer; sent to deal with problems that trouble order in the world according to his queen Sorcha. However, there is one time that he defied her orders, and it's when he's sent to kill Ani. When their destinies cross paths, they can't resist the love that draws them to each other.
What I love as much as the fairy world are the numerous characters that have been introduced in the various books. They are complex and intriguing. There is no black and white- well, maybe Bananach is all bad, but everyone else is shades of grey. They may be fairies, but they manage to deal with just as many complex relationships and emotions. Awesome books.

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