Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

Here's some tidbits about what I've been reading this summer. Enjoy!

A Measure of Guilt- a departure from my ususal reading, this is an adult mystery thriller written by one of my awesome friends. A newsworthy abduction has taken place and the viewpoints alternate between that of the two captive girls, one's older sister, and a helpful college student with a penchant for sleuthing, among other characters. Kate, the main character, won't give up the search for her sister and best friend, even though it's been two years. But maybe she's the one who's in the most danger.

False Prince-  one of this year's Lone Stars, this fantasy is told from a teenage orphan boy's perspective. He and some other boys are taken by a mysterious nobleman from the orphanages and trained to take the place of the missing prince now that the royal family was poisoned. Can one of them  impersonate the prince well enough to assume the throne and prevent civil war from breaking out?

Under the Never Sky- check out this dystopian novel about a world terrorized by lightning storms. To escape the danger, most people live in a dome and escape through virtual reality, but Aria was banished. Outside, she meets savages Perry and Roar, who help her survive, but have their own agendas.You'll have to read the sequel if you want to see if their star-crossed romance can survive a tumultuous world.

Templeton Twins Make a Scene- a sequel for fans of the first, the author (narrator) makes sure you are well aware of the need to read the first if you haven't when you pick up the second. His addressed to the reader and even chapter questions are part of what make this such a charming book. The abundant illustrations are also fun. The twins and their father are now at another college and guess who's back- Dean D. Dean!! Yes, he's trying to take credit for another invention! What a villian!  If you loved The Series of Unfortunate Events, do not miss what may become another series of fun and thrills.

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