Monday, September 23, 2013


Just finished previewing The Raven Boys 2nd book, due out next week. So awesome. I am so jealous of Blue's acceptance into the small group of interesting and unique schoolboys. I think they remind me of the lads in Dead Poets' Society. Personally, I'm developing unnatural crushes on more than one character in the book. Steifvater is just such a wonder at bringing her characters to life she makes me think of Dr. Frankenstein. The story of this second novel was just magical. Even more than the first- as if she were riding a writing tornado that's just growing stronger. I loved that the focus shifted slightly this time to Ronan with Gansey riding shotgun. I have two minor criticisms: the cliffhanger ending (again!) and Prokopenko's (sp) reappearance, because I could not for the life of me remember or figure out who he was. I just need more! She could have written 1000 pages and I'd still think that. A book that just makes me sigh with happiness when I think of it.

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