Thursday, January 16, 2014

New mythology fiction

A new novel I just read is Solstice, by Tricia Hoover. We are lucky to have this author come for a visit to our middle schools next week. For all those fans of Percy Jackson, I think this will be a great suggestion. It is full of characters from Greek mythology who happen to be living in Austin, Texas. The main character is a girl named Piper, who is turning 18. Her world suffers from global warming so out of control the city has built glass domes that can protect its citizens when temperatures soar. But the weather is behaving unpredictably, producing ice storms, fierce winds and thunderstorms. In the midst of the chaos, Piper appears to be the single most eligible bachelorette in town. Men materialize out of thin air to woo her. The obstacle to her fairy tale romances is her mother, overprotective with a capital o. There's a history there... And you mythology buffs might know it! Check out Solstice!

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