Saturday, May 17, 2014

Some new books!

I had been doing so well. Then a post I tried to write got deleted and other stuff happened, and now it's already the end of the year. We'll, I'll throw out a couple of suggestions for summer reading at least! First we have Girl Parts, an interesting scifi story where all of our technology has led to the invention of lifelike robots  to help people learn to socialize. So sad. But it's a bit intriguing as the dissociated people are teenage boys and the robots are all female companions. The guys can't even touch a girl robot whom he hasn't spent enough time with to know without getting a shock. Doggie training for boys:)
Counting by 7s is one of this year's Bluebonnet titles that might intimidate some readers with its size and others with a blasé cover. But the story is a great tale of loss and love. The characters are quite the unique assortment that readers will remember long after. Very satisfying read.
Tabula Rasa was a cpid- can't put it down. I read it in three days- which is really fast for me! Imagine an experimental hospital where people are given a second chance at redeeming their lives by having some of their memories removed. Yes, it requires brain surgery.... And then there's a power outage, strange findings, people attacking, escaping, remembering, and then realizing you have to go back for one pill or you'll never get fixed. Boy do I see a movie being made out of this one!
Last but not least, who doesn't love Kate DiCamillo? Especially when her book won the Newbery? Flora and Ulysses is also on the Bluebonnet list and is full of amusing illustrations to add to its charm. Ulysses, the squirrel who types out poetry after a vacuum incident, steals the show. Again, a cast of characters to remember!

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