Friday, October 17, 2014

Raven Boys continue to enthrall

If you've been waiting for the third book in the Raven Boys series, here's what I think you should know. I don't think it's over. In fact, (and I don't think this is really a spoiler), they haven't found Glendower by the end of Blue Lily, Lily Blue. But three's such a magical number, as expressed in the novel several times by various characters. So, where will the series go? Four is a number that could be seen as complete, as in four seasons to a year, etc. But five is more magical. But then there's mystical seven.
As the search for Glendower continues, school starts again, Maura remains missing and the Gray Man fights with his former boss. New characters are brought into the story. Some die or go missing, and still others do reappear. I may actually need a character guide at this point. Through it all, the tale of these four friends (and one ghost) on a quest continues to build up to a climax to appear at some point in the much anticipated future. They are each changing as a person due to the events of the story and the relationships that they are involved in. These relationships are a unique thing for today's teens to discover- very much unlike their reality in my opinion. I hope they pick up and adore these books as I do.

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