Friday, March 10, 2017

In March, we read Mystery....

Who doesn't need a little mystery in life? Put your sleuthing skills to work with these fascinating reads...

My Top Ten Mystery Titles

# 1 A Northern Light- Working at a popular vacation spot in 1906, Mattie has an interesting conversation with a young female guest just hours before her murder. 
# 2 Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City- Ananka meets Kiki and her band of Irregulars determined to stop use of the underground part of NYC as a hive for criminal activity and gets involved in a kidnapping.
# 3 The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity- At 12, Steve's one great desire is to be a detective. Ironically a class research project gets him kidnapped and accused of traitorous crimes by a secret organization.
# 4  Lovely Bones- *I'm sorry, but this one is an adult book.* From Heaven, Susie narrates what happens on Earth as her family waits on authorities to track her down her killer and attempt to continue living. 
# 5 We Were Liars- Cadence returns to her family's private island the summer after a complete mental breakdown and struggles to remember what she blocked out.
Ok, this is getting depressing. Don't read all these at once. 
# 6 Where Things Come Back-Senior Cullen loses it when his younger brother disappears and the town goes nuts over the reappearance of a woodpecker thought to be extinct. If the woodpecker can return, won't his brother? 
# 7 Beware That Girl- This story alternates between Kate and Olivia's points of view as they get dangerously close to a new young counselor at their private school and struggle with jealousy and secrets, but most importantly, the truth that he is a psychopath with a past.
# 8 So Yesterday- Fashion trendsetter Hunter gets involved with a new girl and a possible kidnapping associated with his job.
# 9 What Happened to Cass Mcbride- In retaliation for the suicide of his brother David, Kyle kidnaps Cass and buries her alive because of her public humiliation of David when he asked her out.
# 10 Clarity- Clarity is called on for help with a murder mystery because she can touch objects and see what the victim last saw, but she is torn when it reveals the involvement of her brother. 

Honorable Mentions: 
Girl I Used to Be
Chasing Vermeer
Finding Lubchenko
Confessions of a Murder Suspect

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