Sunday, October 26, 2008


Wanna spooky read? Try Generation Dead! It's a zombie book. ok I should tell the truth- it's not a scary book. Sorry. Here's what happens-whenever a teenager dies, they come back to life. They try to go back to life as normal but can't quite because they aren't the same. And they certainly aren't treated the same anymore. There is some serious discrimation going on here-even from their own families! Eventually there begins to be small changes among the "living impaired". a few can function quite a bit better- one guy even tries out for the football team, and makes cause seriously zombies are indestructible, right? The kicker is when the heroine falls in love with the football playing zombie, much to everyone's distaste. Will she end up him or the sweet guy next door? I'm not telling! (If you guessed that I don't even remember, you know me well : ))

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