Sunday, November 2, 2008

book fair buys

ok, I haven't technically seen every title in store for us at the book fair this week. This is just a starter list of things to check out. What got me most excited was a new Skippyjon Jones book : ) !!! But there's only two copies and I am definitely buying one. Ruby was eyeing the other one... But since some of you are wanting books you can really sink your fangs- I mean teeth- into, I think we got some copies of Host! Found is a new book by Haddix that I've heard is really good. Korman's book Swindle is there. Since the new Bluebonnet list just got announced, I'll be looking for those titles. I need to pick up a bunch of copies of all the Maximum Ride titles, which we did get. I think I saw a new Land of Elyon book in one of the cases- which reminds me I need to find out if we're getting Carman as a visiting author..... Another list of titles I'll be looking for are the Lone Star consideration list. Oooh and I've really gotta look for the stuff on Lesesne's list- like the one written by Westerfeld's wife- How to 4itch your fairy. Fun. Happy shopping everyone,

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