Friday, November 21, 2008

twilight must be commented upon

just a sec. *sigh* i'm a little emotionally overwhelmed right now. it's a good thing i had a while to get used to Robert Pattison as Edward. true- he'll never be MY Edward, but i enjoyed his interpretation. kind of a uncomfortable in his own skin guy. actually it reminded me of another Edward- Scissorhands. odd comparison, huh? well it was definitely done in the cult classic vein. i guess that's mtv for you. mmmmm. just have to say that once in a while. there were some truly great moments I'm reliving. does make me wish i were in high school again. which reminds me how it reminded me. of that-high school. in particular of a very close group of friends who spent Thursday nights watching Twin Peaks! can i get a cheer from the audience on that one? man, i was having some deja vu moments in there. *sigh* mmmmmmm. what an awesome movie. but then again, with a book like twilight, wouldn't it be hard to go wrong? oh-heads up-watch for Stephenie Meyer's cameo appearance. did anyone else see a resemblance between her and Victoria? was that just crazy me? i should really quit rambling and get some sleep. what a night. maybe Edward will come watch over me while i sleep. : )

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Michelle Wood said...

I agree, he's not my Edward either! I also saw a preview for the animated movie version of Coraline. It looks creepy.