Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The sequel to The Diary of Pelly D

What do you think is the difference between these two lands? Cherry Heaven is across the ocean, a part of the New Frontier, where the violence of the Five Cities that escalated into race wars is someone else's problem. But at what cost have they managed to evade discrimination? The New Frontier is seen through the eyes of Kat J and her sister, Tanka, as they arrive at Cherry Heaven for their aunt and uncle's new jobs. It's not as technologically sophisticated as the city they grew up in, but not too bad overall. Colder, yes, but there is also great scenery, good looking boys on the waterball team, and all the frozen cherries left from the previous owner's harvest. The comfortableness of their new lifestyle is brutally contrasted with that of an escaped factory worker. Luka was leading a slave-like existence because of her race, but not anymore. Now she's free to exact revenge on the authority figures who were brutally cruel to her and her co-laborers. It turns out that "peace" and "comfort" in the New Frontier is something obtained on the backs of slave workers. Luka's path of destructive behavior crosses the path of Kat and Tanka, and things escalate from there. In the end, the deus ex machina is none other than Pelly D's brother! Gim D had gone overseas to work for peace and ended up as a laborer too. And there you have it- full circle.

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