Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What I Read Over Christmas Break by Cindi Rockett

Guess what I did over Christmas break? Read, of course! I made my way through many a book and I’ll give you a quick briefing in case you’re interested.
Blood relatives 2- A take off of the Vampire Kisses in graphic novel format. I reviewed the first one about this time last year. What I really like about this is that the graphic novel is a separate story. You needn’t have read the novels. Having only read the first novel, I can’t really tell you where in the big picture the two separate plotlines are in relation to each other. Well, Alexander and Raven are dating in the graphic novels- that part I do know! In #2, Raven is trying to help her boyfriend rid Dullsville of his half-vampire cousin. In order to do this, the two plot a fake map that will take him back to Transylvania, but the plot fails. Entertaining.
Ouran High School Host Club 2- I realized why I love this series. It’s like a sitcom. It’s not about the story. In fact, each chapter is a separate episode. It’s about the characters. And it’s definitely comedic in nature, unlike the graphic novels I’ve been reading which fall into romance or horror. So, in this installment, the twins have a (staged) fight, a young newcomer seeks their help wooing one particular girl, and the group go for an outing to an underground water park, where Hunny goes missing but proves he inherited the martial arts skills of his family. Lots of good fun. Now I left out clean but only because the FRONT MATTER in the book indicates that one of the twins is a “handsome homosexual l+ forbidden love between relatives”. Yeah, they are a little close and make comments about each other, but it could be staged for the girls just like the fight was staged. Nothing major- at least not in this volume.
Miki Falls- Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Unique story. Well, sort of. I mean the complicated journey of love isn’t unusual- at first. But Hiro’s secret is a new one- he’s a keeper of the spark of love as it dies from one couple and is held until it can be given to a new one. The main conflict is that his superior believes that being in love prevents one from doing their job. The lengths the two of them go to in an effort to escape punishment- and separation- rival the forbidden love story of Romeo and Juliet- almost. The reader is really kept on the edge throughout all four volumes and will be surprised by the ending. Unless you can guess it.
Queen B -This is a story that I am not sure our community could relate to. Every other paragraph talked about the people of the upper crust. The protagonist’s term for a member of this group is a soc. Personally, I found it obnoxious to read about a girl so obsessed with a person’s place in high school social strata. Perhaps middle school girls relate more than me. If they can get past the extravagant wealth of some of the families living in this town. It’s something you don’t see much of in Irving. Cassie keeps talking about how she does not want to be Queen B but a queen bee. Her jealousy almost costs her the love of her boyfriend. I kept getting the feeling that there’s another story before this one, but I haven’t read it…
Evil Genius - If you were a fan of the Mysterious Benedict Society, this might be a good read for you. Both deal with extremely smart young people. Cadel is so bored at school he is bounced around from one to another until he ends up at one that will graduate him at the age of 14. During this time he gets into a bit of trouble using computers and is ordered, as a minor, to see a psychologist on a regular basis. Dr. Roth, his therapist, plays a big part in his life and in getting him enrolled in an institute of higher education known as the Axis Institute. Here he learns many things: forgery, hacking, the art of disguise, the nature of evil, and the importance of accounting, as well as the identity of his father, according to Dr. Roth. He’s the son of an criminal mastermind in jail. Behind the scenes, Dr. Darkkon, his father, runs things and has set up the Institute solely for the purpose of educating his son to take over his criminal empire. But he and Dr. Roth did not count on Cadel inventing his own computer dating service (as a scam) which would put him in contact with a parapalegic who would save his life. Hard to believe? Wonder what the sequel holds!

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