Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm a slow reader

Never let that stop you. Anyway, so I finally finished a book I wanted to blog about. It's called The Ghosts of Kerfol and it's by Deborah Noyes. Technically, it's a collection of short stories, although each one is about a castle in France that's been haunted since the 1600's. The first story tells why it's haunted- the lord of the manor was a domineering man who had good reason to be insanely jealous as his young wife was in love with another. Bizarrely, he forbade her to own dogs as pets, or even care for them and strangled them whenever she dared touch one. Yeah, it's pretty dark. But these dogs, as well as other characters involved in the couple's story, continue to haunt the manor up until the last story set just a few years ago. I was really enthralled by these stories.

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