Thursday, October 8, 2009

43 Books in 38 Days

This is it1 The last push! Oringinally, it was going to be 45 books in 45 days, but.... I've got less than 6 weeks to go on my tour of duty with the Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List committee! But this is the hard part. I may not post much cause I should be reading. Nonetheless, I thought maybe I'd try to periodically post a good GN for you readers out there.
Last night I finished Nightschool by Svetlana Chmakova. Now with a name like that, and a manga-like novel NOT reading backwards, I wondered what the deal was. She's Russian, and I believe is now living in Canada. So this is an Original English Language manga. What we have with Nightschool is the first of what will be a series about Alex, who is weirn. What? you ask? According to the author's website, 'weirns' are a special type of witch who are born with demon guardian spirits bound to them. And they have a special school, hence Nightschool. But, they are aren't the only creatures you'll encounter in this "urban fantasy"; it's also full of vampires, vampire hunters, witches, seers, and other horrific monsters of the night. Gripping, fast-paced, and full of fantastic artwork, this graphic novel is sure to entertain you for the 30 minutes or so it'll take you to read it ;)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like somthing my high school students might want to read.

Lea Bailey said...

So, how many books have you completed in the last 4 days? I have confidence that you can do it. Nightschool sounds interesting too.