Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I took my time recovering from that one! But we now have a list of 54 graphic novels for middle and high school students!
What are my favorites? Well, the ones I nominated of course! Which would be Maximum Ride, Stuff of Life, Outlaw, Emiko Superstar, Salt Water Taffy, Coraline, Amulet, and Rapunzel's Revenge. Seriously, though, I was delighted to enjoy some new nonfiction like Photographer, What It Is and The United States Constitution. New manga is always fun- check out Jyu-oh-sei and Pluto for some pretty good characterization and detailed sci-fi settings. For traditional comics, Blue Beetle: Reach for the Stars and Wolverine: Prodigal Son are both great but impart some important life lessons. Since I love re-made classics, I'll advise you to check out Fahrenheit 451, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and The Hound of the Baskervilles . Those were the ones we included, but by no means the full range of what's available these days in graphic novel format. Let me just add a couple not-to-be-missed titles: Good Neighbors: the Kin and Flight Vol. 5. But that's not everything- I don't know how much I missed, so check out the full list!

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Mrs. Bierschwale said...

As a middle school librarian I have learned to heed the call of my students for Graphic Novels in all genre. Ihave many of the non-fiction. I have Science with Max Axiom and Shakespeare also. There is never any concern about shelving space for the graphic novels becasue they stay with the students for the year and only come home for the summer. I am glad to have been introduced to Graphic Novels.