Friday, December 30, 2011

What do you value most?

In the book Divergent, it determines what faction you belong to.
Honesty= Candor
Bravery= Dauntless
Intelligence= Erudite
Peace and friendship= Amity
Selflessness= Abnegation
Tris was born as a member of Abnegation, but decides to join Dauntless at her Choosing Ceremony. In Abnegation, she just didn't feel like she belonged. Dauntless is very different, but she has to survive initiation before she can have the privledges of membership. That means she has to face her fears, fight, and survive the bullies. But  when her family is criticized for their political leadership, and her mother tips Tris off to a dangerous plot, she will be challenged to try and save her new friends, as well as her own family. In the stages of being made a movie, this science fiction thriller is as much fun as Uglies, Matched and Delirium, and is on the new Lone Star List.

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