Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creepy story?

It's close to Halloween, would you like a scary book to read under the covers at night? This one will haunt you! Kendall lives in a farming community that is trying to get over the loss of a sophomore girl last year. She just went missing. They looked and looked for weeks, but no sign of her ever turned up. Now it's a new school year, and their one room schoolhouse has a conspicuously vacant desk. But then Kendall's best friend, Nico, starts to act strangely. Days later, he has also vanished without a trace. Kendall is absolutely numb with grief. They search the fields, like last year, but to no avail. One day at school, Kendall sits in Nico's desk just to feel its familiarity with her best friend. She lays her head down on it and carresses the familiar carved graffiti on the desktop with her fingers. And that is when she hears it. Nico's own voice saying, "Please. Save me."