Tuesday, April 17, 2012

tla day 1

If  you give a kid a book
Apr 17 TLA
Iygakab list will be on titlewave
Chomp-wild animal sanctuary and reality tv. Star gets lost.
Dead end in norvelt- citizens dropping like flies.
Getting over Garrett delaney- Sadie has been in love with Garrett. He has fallen in love w someone else. 12 step program to get over him. Needs to save friendship.
Past perfect- 1774 Chelsea works at a colonial reenactment village in summers. Trying to get over Ezra. Her friend takes over? Make up answers to tourist questions. Love triangle.
The future of us- 1996 historical fiction. Change their future via the Facebook posts.
Cross my heart- hf 16th cen. Laura comes from convent when sis drowns. she has to marry the fiancé, an old merchant. Secret society offers to help her if she can tell them a secret.
Erebus- buy multiple copies of this bk for males. From Germany. Secret  game his friends are sharing. Addictive game w a disturbing agenda.
The vanishing game- Gail Giles genre. Psychological thriller. House is a former foster home. Letter from her dead brother arrives. Clue game online to find jack.
Double- boy in a homeless shelter pretends to be a missing boy.
No safety in numbers- lord of the flies in a mall. Exits are barricaded and there's a bomb? 7 days cut off from outside.
Quaranteen- the loners. Trapped in a hs. Gory and violent. Teens get quarantined until 18 because of something outside. Trilogy. Boys will like.
The night she disappeared- Henry. Fellow employee disappears and you learn you were the intended victim.
Dead to you- mcmann. Kind of like Giles. When Jeff comes home and counterfeit son. Ethan was 7 when he was kidnapped. He returns at 16. He can't remember anything.
Variant- 17 yr old boy from 33 foster homes gets a scholarship to a private school more like a prison- all foster kids. No adults. Split into 3 groups. Escape is his only hope.
The hunt- vampire dystopia. The humans are going extinct. There are rules for survival. He's masquerading as a vampire.
Night circus- adult book? Trespassers will be exsanguinated. Twins are being groomed for magic tricks.
Scorpio races- what is in the sneak peak edition? Celtic legends.
Fracture- at TLA. Paranormal romance. Will not want to put it down. AARP article mentions them 50 going on15. Partials by wells. And greenes the fault in our stars. One day to live. Girl falls thru a fracture in the ice and is there for 11 minutes. Shes in a coma but wakes with up with the ability to sense death.
Ashes-one of voyage top 10. Gross.
Starters-plague has killed everyone but teens and old people. The old people are called Enders. They rent the bodies of the young.
Cinder- after ww4. Cyborg mechanic meets prince and he falls in love.
The false prince- trilogy. Medieval fantasy. Nobleman all poisoned and dead. 4 boys are trained to pretend to be a lost prince.
Legend- future based on your test scores. Like a future robin hood.
Kings of Colorado- top choices for youth in detention. Very graphic. Camp for boys in reform. Boys break horses.
Somebody please tell me who I am- boy enlists and ends up in a coma. Doesn't know who he is when he wakes up.
The list- the ugliest and the prettiest girl of each grade level.
Beneath a meth moon- popular cheerleader becomes an addict.
Ashes gritty grotesque gruesome and gratifying.

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