Thursday, April 19, 2012

TLA day 2

Extreme makeover for a Website- 1st session
3 things
1 How do you know if it's bad?
Looking nice isn't everything
Bad navigation is an issue
People ask u where things are on website Copy code to put on all we pages-gives demographic info-watch for checkboxes about who to share the info with.
Ex of a need: Need to translate into spanish?
Where are people clicking and how long do they spend there?
Don't want too many pics cause of download times
Need good color contrast

2Tools to use
No need to enter hand code
Content management systems- Wordpress- blogs? Free websites for a free blog, but Wordpress mu does more than one site/blog
Drupal- is an application development program- can work with forms- go to Drupal gardens to try a free one.
Omeka- digital archive. Open source. Easy to install. Free server trial site.

3What patrons need in a website
Profiling users- use google analytics. Advanced info can be obtained with surveys.
Create profiles for your user groups.
Card sorting- use index cards and ask your users to sort them into groups. Tells you how they want data arranged.  Closed card sorting- you put website data on cards first. Open card sort-have users write Down the categories
tells you more about the user.
uxpunk or

Usability testing-
Video record students navigating thru the website.
Newsfeed about event- keep content current

Book buzz in children's lit- 2nd session
Little brown bks
Monster book
Nighttime ninja- pic bk
All the awake animals are asleep- abc pic bk
Forget me nots poems to learn
Extraordinary education of Nicholas Benedict. 
Ghost knight
Storm makers- twins and storms, fighting evil, gr 3-5
Nanny piggins and the wicked plan- series age 8-10
Ms :get me out of here-no no more Patterson crapublisher
Starry river of the sky-companion where the mountain meets the moon /grace Lin .
Iron hearted violet- ms, princess who tells stories, age 8-12
The diviners-bray, 15 and up, new York in 20 s, serial murder

Candle wick-picture bks
A bus called heaven by graham- a bus becomes a playhouse
Robot zombie Frankenstein by Simon
Just ducks-by davies, gr k and up
Themdunderheadsmbehind bars-by fleischman, gr 3-7 . Illustrated
New bear series- a birthday for bear, a visitor for bear
Because Amelia smiled- cumulative tale by david stein, interesting art technique
Hold on to your hat- klassen- little fish steals a hat
Sky color- author of the dot, Reynolds, the create trilogy
Otter and odder- a love story by James Howe. With a fish. Gr 1-5. The food chain works against them
Show me a story- why pic bks matter, Marcus, gr 7and up
We believe in picture books- videos- one a day anniversaryvideo website

Goldilocks and the 3 dinosaurs- willems
Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons and the cat saves Christmas- free video you can download
Everything goes in the air- interactive big book series by  Briggs
Cat tale by m hall- age 2-5 homophones and homonyms
Seed by seed- Johnny Appleseed by Cordell and Perkins 
Survivors- dog series by Erin hunter, age 10 and up, humans disappear
The heroes guide to saving a kingdom- the prince tales of the princess stories, age 8-12
Summer of the gypsy moths- pennypacker, age 8-12, guardian died and the 2 12 yr olds are trying to make it on their own.
Ungifted by Korman- prankster gets into gt class
The great unexpected by creech- 2 orphans meet a boy named Finn. Woven with a plot in Ireland. Redoing all covers.
Spindles- by Oliver! Brave heroine. Like liesl and po. Souls being stolen.very fantasy. Dark world
The cup and the crown- by Stanley, age 10 and up
The peculiar by new author stefan bachman- get a galley from the booth
Dodger by Pratchett- 13 and up, author has alzheimers

Random house
Rocket writes a story- word tree
Boy and bot-  robot turns off, boy falls asleep
Oh no by Candace Fleming and rohmann- tiger chases a frog who falls into a hole
Bon appetit- pic bk of julia child
I have a dream- pic bk version of speech
The mighty miss Malone by Curtis related to another of his books
Crow- coup d'├ętat in us, African Americans have power in Michigan and are overthrown
Wonder- boy with facial deformities in 5th grade
Chomp by hiassen- takes on survival reality tv
Crush- sequel to liar liar
The day I died- Candace fleming, different 
In a  cemetery
Rush for the gold- Feinstein
 Nf olympics bk
The fire chronicle- sequel to the emerald atlas
City of ember gn
Liar and spy- Rebecca stead
Discovering wes more- nf blacks
Black gold- nf oil book
Starters and Enders- prime destinations, the older lady is going to murder someone

Horse camp- age 8-12, go to uncle stretches farm, not horse camp, alternating perspectives
Invasion of the,dognappers - Jennings, dogs disappearing
The paradise trap by jinks, secret passageway to an underworld that sends them on vacation.
Goofballs- early reader series by Abbott, became famous in town, mystery solvers
Double trouble- vordak the incomprehensible 3rd book
Jaguar stones 3- the river of no return by voelkel. Middle grade good speakers
The code busters- the haunted lighthouse - use codes to solve mysteries
Horse- basketball game

Macmillan- see handout

Penguin- see handout

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