Saturday, September 17, 2016

SciFi Faves

Welcome to my list of favorite science fiction books!! For the top ten, I’m including a summary of the story. For the rest I left that off in the interest of not having too long of an entry here.

The Top Ten

1. Unwind- In future where teens can be destroyed through a process known as unwinding, three kids form different walks of life fight to survive and change the world they live in.

2. Delirium- Love is illegal in Lena’s world and not a problem once you get the vaccine, but she meets Alex and falls in love before she gets the shot.

3. Blood Red Road – Twins Saba and Lugh are separated when he is kidnapped and she must make a terrible journey through the Dustlands to find and rescue him from being a sacrifice by the bloody ruler.

4. Hunger Games- I think everyone knows Katniss sacrifices herself for her younger sister in the Hunger Games where she becomes embroiled in an uprising and a love triangle.

5. Matched – Soon to be a movie, this story is about arranged marriages and Cassia who falls for someone else but does love her match because he is her best friend.

6. Legend – A future America torn apart is represented by Day and June on opposite sides who fall in love and discover a horrifying truth behind the disease that plagues their society.

7. Partials- The robots known as partials that humans created evolved and rebelled and now a small band of survivors, led by Kira, try to find the cure to whatever kills all the newborns.

8. Life As We Knew It- A family that survives the disasters resulting from the moon being knocked out of orbit by a meteor chronicles their struggles to survive.

9. Girl in the Arena- In a world that worships arena fights like we do with football, Lyn, a teenage girl, enters to avoid a marriage to the man who killed her stepfather by trying to beat him.

10. Uglies- Tally can’t wait for her surgery to become pretty until she befriends a girl who is opposed to it and runs away to a group of rebels the government is trying to track down.

Others I really love:
Ender's Game
Fire and Flood
Never Let Me Go
How I Live Now
Adoration of Jenna Fox
For Darkness Shows the Stars
The Compound
Academy 7
Fog Diver

Check back in October for my favorite horror stories!

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