Sunday, October 16, 2016


Horror is not my genre of choice, but since it's October, that's the genre of the month! I've read quite a few over the years, so here are my favorites.

Top ten
1. Ghosts of Kerfol- Collection of stories centered around a haunted estate where a man was torn apart by ghost dogs after mistreating his wife.

2. Cryer's cross- Kendall goes to search for her missing best friend Nico in their small Montana town and is almost another victim of the supernaturally haunted town.
3. Monstrumologist-Will Henry divulges the secret obsession Dr. Warthorpe- studying monsters- and the time they found an underground infestation of flesh-eating humanoids.
4. Sisters Red- In this Red Riding Hood mixup, Scarlett and Rosie have become werewolf hunters with woodcutter Silas and are trying to prevent a new victim from being turned into a werewolf.
5. Peeps- Vampires are parasite positives (p.p.) who have spread the disease like a plague in New York. Cal is one of the hunters who is immune but wants to find the girl who infected him.
6. Screaming Staircase- Only children can see ghosts and so are given the job of releasing those spirits through psychic investigation agencies with specialized weapons.
7. Twilight- Human Bella falls in love with vampire Edward who wants to be a non-human feeder, but is especially attracted to her blood.
8. Beware the Wild- A haunted swamp took her brother and sent out a sister to take his place, but Sterling isn't having that. She wants to get to the bottom of the mystery in her Louisiana home town.

9. Vampire Knight- This manga series is addictive with its love triangle between Yuki, Zero and Kaname who are in charge at Cross Academy, a school for humans in the day and vampires at night.

10. Graveyard Book- Nobody had a human family once, but was adopted by the ghosts of the graveyard the night they were murdered. Now the assassin is back to finish the job.

Honorable mentions:
Night Gardener 
Hatter M
Courtney Crumrin
So, if you think you're tough and can't be scared, I dare you to try reading one of these before you go to bed at night. Yeah, you'll leave the light on.

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