Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Adventure anyone?

It's a new year! How about an adventure to start you off right? Or maybe your new year's resolutions involve a few items on a bucket list. Either way, reading is always an adventure. Here is a collection of my favorite adventure fiction.

Top 10 Adventure

1. Hero's Guide to Saving the Kingdom- This former Bluebonnet nominee was so tongue in cheek. A twisted take on all fairy tale princes who go sadly unnamed join together in trying to save princesses who need no help at all.

2. Pirates!- Two young women run away from very different but undesirable circumstances and hide away on a pirate ship masquerading as men.

3. Shackleton's Stowaway- Based on the real shipwreck of Shackleton's famous expedition to Antarctica, this story is told from the point of view of a man who should not even have been on the ill-fated journey that lasted more than a year but miraculously saw no loss of life despite desperate conditions.

4. False Prince-A fantasy kingdom is mourning the loss of its royal family when a politician kidnaps four orphans proceeds to train them all to deceive the country as a long lost prince recovered to take his place as their ruler.

5. The Thief- A neighboring fantasy kingdom's thief is caught stealing from the royal palace and imprisoned, where the queen falls in love with him.

6. One Came HomeOne sister caused the other's shame, resulting in her runaway attempt that has supposedly led to her untimely and violent death in the wild west. She sets out to look for her sister and prove her to be alive.

7. Wreckers- A boy survives a shipwreck only to watch the other survivors, including his father, be murdered by the locals who only want to claim the ship's cargo for themselves.

8. Take Me to the River- Two cousins set out on a canoe trip alone only to encounter hurricane rains and a fugitive holding a boy hostage.

9. Bloody Jack- Jacky starts a new life aboard a pirate ship and quickly earns a reputation for bravery and resourcefulness despite the fact that she is hiding her identity as a female.

10. Misadventures of Maude March-Two girls recently orphaned run away from their foster family only to run into the man who murdered their aunt and become known as fugitives from the law in this rollicking wild western adventure.

But here are some other great adventure stories I have enjoyed:
Peak- Peak is attempting to become the youngest to ever summit  Mt. Everest with his father in the lead after a run in with NY law while climbing skyscrapers.
Blind Spot for Boys- To get away from bad relationships, Shana takes a trip with her parents to hike Machu Picchu but runs into a guy she's attracted to and then survives an earthquake with him.
Trapped- A terrible snowstorm traps a group of teens in their high school with no adults, no electricity or heat and they must decide how to survive without any hope of rescue.
Cryptid Hunters- Two siblings join an uncle they didn't know after being orphaned while he is on the hunt for prehistoric dinosaur eggs.
Tut- King Tut was immortalized along with his greatest enemy- his uncle- when trying to curse him and must face him once again as an 8th grader in Washington DC.
You Decide How to Survive: Everest- At every turn of the journey to climb Mt. Everest, the reader is able to make a choice and continue the story based on that decision to see if they would make it or not. Also in the series: Amazon, Mars, and  The High Seas.

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